“Money” Mayweather 3.0

Very few athletes have been able to generate the amount of press, dollars, and quality entertainment that Floyd “Money” Mayweather has throughout his career. The man has single-handedly maintained a stranglehold on combat sports for the last ten years and his fights consistently generate the most pay-per-view buys of any fighter in history. His transformation from the young pretty boy with punching power into the head honcho of boxing as “Money” Mayweather, has defined his legacy as a versatile chameleon who has learned how to evolve with the times and prosper. But, Floyd’s refusal to remain retired from the fight game forces us to try and figure out what the next phase of his life will center on. More pro fights? Exhibitions? Business ventures? All of the above?

If the recent debacle with the Rizin Fighting Federation is an indicator of Mayweather’s career trajectory, I’d say that the undefeated legend needs (and wants) all the fast cash he can get. Mayweather initially travelled across the world to Japan to promote a bout against Tenshin Nasukawa (no pushover in the world of mixed martial arts) for a bravado filled press conference. None of the fight details were disclosed and all we knew was that the fight would take place on New Year’s Eve as a small exhibition for a select audience. The bout was a sham, possibly fixed, as Nasukawa was knocked down three times in the first round resulting in an automatic TKO. Many fighters and pro sports commentators believe that Nasukawa “did the job” for Floyd as the Japanese youngster seemingly self-propelled himself across the ring after Floyd’s salvos.

Many boxing and financial experts claim that Floyd is outspending the amount of money that he is earning, and, it’s no secret that Floyd is a big spender. Recently, he purchased an $18 million diamond watch. It’s absurd that a man with a net worth of nearly a billion dollars must continue to fight in order to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Pugilists are fighters by nature and they always maintain a passion for their craft as they work for their paycheck in the ring, however, Floyd 3.0 seems to be a man purely motivated by money above all else. And frankly, it’s sad to see one of the sport’s icons auction himself at press conferences for measly exhibitions while disregarding his honor as a master craftsman of the ring.

One of Floyd’s most promising fledgling ventures is his record label, The Money Team Music Group. Some of Floyd’s signed artists include: Lil Jamez, Sunny Malouf, Jay Bling, and Friyie. It will be interesting to see what the label can do with Floyd’s cash, connections, and resources backing them.The worldwide superstardom of the TMT brand has the power to propel the musical artists into the competitive arena of the music business. This is the sort of endeavor that Mayweather should be focusing on instead of wasting his star power on obscure bouts that most fight fans (forget about mainstream audiences) didn’t even care about. It’s not that I don’t believe in expansion and diversification, but the Nasukawa fight was more of a rodeo clown show than a fight that deserved to be sanctioned by any boxing commission.

Mayweather’s legacy is intact and his phenomenal record can never be taken away from him. But I hope that Floyd 3.0 can capitalize and focus on his business endeavors instead of fighting as he continues his apparent mid-life crisis. Philanthropy and entrepreneurship have always been the keys to maintaining relevance for athletes and stars past their prime. It’s foolish for Floyd to think that in the twilight of his career he is invincible against the determination and strength of younger fighters.

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