Rico Nasty Stars As Face Of Skullcandy’s New “12 Moods” Campaign

One of the up and coming rap artists to be on the lookout for is no other than Maryland’s own, Rico Nasty. The young, brash artist signed to Atlantic has dropped album after album since 2014 featuring her own brand of raw, trap music. It makes sense that Skullcandy decided to partner with Rico to launch their 12 Moods campaign as her fresh look and fanbase might be ideal consumers of the Skullcandy brand. The fanbase that Skullcandy is looking to target? Young, hip, possibly skaters. Rico fits the bill.

The Rico Nasty orange headsets are part of Skullcandy’s “Bold” edition, clearly delineating the bold style and risque lyrics that Rico produces. The Skullcandy edition also comes with exclusive content featuring Rico Nasty performing her song “Guap (LaLaLa)”.

I’m looking forward to Rico’s upcoming collaborations as she continues to press forward in the rap industry. Rico is surely creating her own lane by fusing rock and rap in her music.

Here is a few more videos from our favs:

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