Beyonce’s Ivy Park Collection Has Finally Arrived

Now that Beyonce’s clothing line has dropped, it has caused a frenzy and many PR stunts and giant pre-sales. It is the most awaited sale that has even sold out online, though last checked the Beehive has the collection. The collection consists of limited supply clothing and accessories such as socks, belts and activewear and shoes. All served in the same shades- burgundy, maroon, orange, and white. You can see that with her Adidas collaboration, it urges one of a kind colors that anyone will appreciate. The reason why Beyonce chose these colors is because she wanted them to be ́ ‘ gender neutral” . Making colors promoting inclusion. While choosing colors that tightly went together. A one of a kind line that anyone can appreciate. There is always controversy right? The internet is going on a frenzy due to the line not including plus sizes. Which Beyonce knows is important. Many have followed from the very beginning, Beyonce followers have witnessed the process and creation of this line, which originated back in 2016. Beyonce even included it on her Instagram account. She wanted to hit all the right notes on what her collection may look like.

The Ivy Park X Adidas collection is complete with many social media responses. Many are good. The super amount of responses has even been seen on many YouTube channels and through many fashion influencers Instagram accounts.Altogether, The Beyonce Ivy Park Collection is encouraging sizes XS to XL pieces including jumpsuits, cargo pants, asymmetric dresses, coats, hoodies and biker shorts (the collection ranges from $25 to $250). Which will soon arrive internationally. She wants to completely break all the fashion rules. It affects those that side with other hip hop collections. With other fashion collections, It has similar valuable starts and besides them the Beyonce Ivy Park line will mark an unapologetic and uniqueness in fashion design. We will see it all enfold in stores online and in-store.

Check out a few celebs receiving there gift boxes!

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