Meet Chattanooga’s Finest, Bbymutha


The female rap game has been nothing but ruthless these past couple of months. From City Girls to Megan Thee Stallion to Rico Nasty, the rap world has been blessed with confident, independent women who refuse to hold back when expressing themselves. Bbymutha, a Chattanooga native, a mother of two sets of twins, and a creative genius that writes her own bars and produces the ideas for her own visuals, is the newest rapper to grace the forefront of female rap. Bbymutha, who’s real name is Brittnee Moore, may be the rawest of her time. With three projects under her belt she has managed to gain the attention of Erykah Badu and Earl Sweatshirt. She even toured with Earl on his Fire it Up! Tour. What sets Bbymutha apart from other rappers is that being a mother is a huge part of her image and she doesn’t try to hide it. That much is evident in her lyrics, production, and visuals. In many of her intros she samples her kids saying “Mama you so cute” or she will sample them having a conversation with her. She also includes them in her videos like D.I.Y. What also makes Bbymutha unique is how clever her wordplay is over punk, alternative beats. She changes her beats constantly so its not easy to fit her into a specific category when it comes to production as she can also rap over a trap beat with ease too. Her flow is incredibly smooth and she can ride any beat while preaching a gospel to women about how they should maneuver in the trap, in business, and in love.

One of her more popular songs, Rules is a perfect example of Bbymutha putting women on game with the chorus blatantly claiming “You can’t give yo pussy to a nigga who not used to getting pussy ’cause that pussy gon’ be errebody business / You can’t sell dope to these niggas ’cause they broke and they snitching / got these niggas bussin’ shots up in yo business”. Her perspective is unfiltered, uncut, honest, and witty. She is very open about everything going on in her life which make her genuine and relatable. She is also very unapologetic in her claims which makes her figure to look up to. Make sure to check out her projects Free Brittnee, The Bastard Tapes Vol. 1, and Muthaz Day 3. Here are a few clips of Rules, D.I.Y, and Roses.


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