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Born and raised in West Las Vegas, NV,  JankyMakG wants to show his audience the side of Vegas that’s not all glitz and glamour. JankyMakG began his music career at the age of 15 while serving a 3 and a half year prison sentence. He discovered that writing down his thoughts were not only therapeutic but the beginning to a career in music. By the time he was released in February of 2012, his brother YB was building a studio of his own, in which JankyMakG recorded his first record. Later that year, he also had his first performance at a club while only 19 years old. His stage name “JankyMakG” comes from his friends he had growing up. JankyMakG is heavily influenced by No Limit, Cash Money, Jadakiss and a host of others. JankyMakG has yet to bag a major artist feature but he has worked with west coast household name, “The Landlord”. His main goal as an artist is to stay relevant, open minded and strong-willed while navigating through the industry. He hopes to one day influence the nation through his art and movement. His most recent project, “Ima Herb” is available on Spotify.

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