Master P is taking on the Luxury shoes with Moneyatti

Italy, the mecca of all things fashion. For those who truly want to compete with the Gucci and the Fendi brands having an Italian element is crucial, better yet essential. So what would a Louisianan entrepreneur named Master P know about fashion? Questions like these have been asked with each of Master P’s entrance into industries like tech, sports management, real estate, phone sex business, high end travel agency, video game company, film studio, and even to his earlier days of running a record label. All of which he has succeeded at and has seen an enormous return on. But even so. What does Master P know about the shoe business? Here again is another opportunity for Master P to prove why he is the greatest hustler.

Moneyatti’s. The luxury shoe brand recently launched by Master P is making waves in the fashion industry. Endorsements from celebrities like DC YungFly, Snoop Dogg, Fatboy SSE, and of course Lil Romeo have helped the brand gain in popularity. It’s new, it’s distinct. And from the video you can see there’s an emphasis on Italian craftsmanship, shown by the shoe maker who uses Italian leather and leopard print. The use of Italian quality is even reinforced with the use of the Godfather themed music that plays in the video. The emphasis on being a luxury brand is even suggested in the brand’s name. Moneyatti. What’s better than telling people you have on “money”?

How do you get your hands on a pair? Staying true to this Master P’s entrepreneurial spirit of cutting out the middle-man, they are only sold on the Moneyati website ( From there they are then shipped from Italy and delivered direct to consumers doors in a 7-10 business days turnaround. Consumers can expect to pay in the upwards of $200. Like we said, this is a luxury shoe. When ordering it’s recommended that you “pick 0.5 less your normal size” because the Italian construction runs bigger normal US standard sized shoes.

Finally, anyone that knows about building a global brand knows that you have to give back. And if you know Master P then you know that he is known for giving back to his community. This is also stated on the Moneyatti’s site “a percentage of every shoe sold goes toward providing inner city kids in the community with education, resources, and activities to help build there future.” This is corporate responsibility at it’s finest. Better yet this is Master P as him.

So go pick up a pair of Moneyatti’s and let us know what you think?

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