A Boogie Talks Artist 2.0, Family And Respect #Everydaystruggle

A Boogie with the Hoodie is the king of New York, but he isn’t ready to claim it just yet. A Boogie made a stop today to do an interview with Complex on their show “Everyday Struggle”, where a lot of claims were made, a couple of shots taken, some panning, and they also talked about his new album Artist 2.0.

The interview starts with DJ Akademiks asking A Boogie about his new track “King of my City” and does he feel like he’s the king of New York with A Boogie replying “If you noticed I said I feel like I’m the king. I’m jacking it only because I’m supposed too.” Everybody chimes in trying to see why A Boogie is so humble, but he quickly states ” I never want to be disappointed thinking I’m supposed to be this person and I end up another person, that shit gonna get me tight.” During the interview they also discussed A Boogie’s latest tweet in regards to how he felt about artists jacking his style.

He didn’t name anyone in particular, tho social media went crazy with their suspicions.

A Boogie also discussed family what’s next from the east coast native.

You can check out the interview on Youtube.

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