A Few Artists You May Have Not Heard Of But You Should Listen To

Whether you’re tired of your go-to playlists or just looking to discover new music, here are a few artists you’ve never heard but should definitely listen to:

E Bleu

Native to Houston, Texas, E Bleu launched his career at the ripe age of 13 with fellow artist Kevin Abstract. Now 23 years old, E Bleu released a new single titled “Action”. The single features rhythmic beats and slow, sultry lyrics that lure you in and entrance you until the very end. He also collaborated with Ajanee on the track “Potion” which consists of quick lyrics and acoustics, similar to Kehlani’s “All Me” featuring Keyshia Cole. 

Chase Aaron 

Chase Aaron of duo “SRNDR” released a two track EP titled “Multi” consisting of the songs “Grip” and “Thankful”. Definitely made to listen to through earphones, the tracks are both slow and soulful, taking on similar personas as music by Usher or Frank Ocean. 

Kye Colors 

Kye Colors released three new singles recently: “2020”, “Come Back Home”, and “Supa Freak”. The tracks are similar to the synth beats heard within the Weeknd’s music. The three tracks are all unique in their own ways and can be compared to the music of Travis Scott and Aminé. Kye Colors hails from Kansas City and started his own label in his teens, similar to E Bleu.

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