Album review: Brent Faiyaz – Fuck The World

The R&B landscape is vast and the talent you will discover while covering this land can lead you down a path of enlightenment with one’s self. Ok, enough of the deep stuff. But there is this new R&B singer that is next up from the DMV area and his name is Brent Faiyaz. He’s not new depending who you ask but most if not all of us who heard that one song from Goldlink, you know that song with that amazing hook. Yeah, that was Brent singing.

Brent has been around for 2 years, most recently releasing an underrated project in 2017 Sonder. The singer has blessed us with a new ep “Fuck The World”, lead by hits “Rehab” and “Fuck the World” and let’s just say those were the preluded to the vibe Brent was sending us. The ep is 10 tracks (27 minutes long) but those tracks will have you caught in a space where time is only an object of imagination. This project is Brent asking us all the hard life questions most of us dwell on everyday, but his voice mixed with the production brings you into such an elevated state you forget about all your worries. Brent also has a way of flexing his lifestyle to where to can picture it or even feel like you were there to experience it.

Brent is well on his way of being a star in the R&B lane. With him also announcing that an album is on the way this year, you can expect a Grammy nomination coming his way. You can stream the new project on all streaming platforms.

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