Album Review: J Stone – The Definition of Loyalty

The marathon continues and J.Stone is at the front of the movement left by his Day1 homie. A longtime friend of the late Nipsey Hussle, the Crenshaw and Slauson native is ready to continue pushing the message of loyalty, ownership, authenticity and grinding to the next generation.

J.Stone’s story is similar to Nipsey but his life took a drastic change at a very young age, which he talks about on his latest project “The Definition of Loyalty”.
J. Stone 21 track project has features from many artists such as The Game, Nipsey Hussle, Jeremiah, Wale, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Its a star-studded list of features but J.Stone still does a good job of staying course and getting his message out.

The project starts with Nipsey at a concert introducing J.Stone and telling a story about how they sold fake weed just to pay for studio time. The project embodies what Nipsey stood for, on tracks like “Trials & Tribulations”,“When Thugz Cry”, “It’s All Money”, and “Real Shit”, these tracks show how one individual can change the mindset and trajectory of a community just by being truthful. Throughout the album you also get to hear about J.Stone’s childhood, losing his mother, and brother to police brutality and gun violence respectively before the age of 16 all while growing up with no father. Of course, this lead him down the path to the street life that came with him getting shot and also spending years in jail for a gun charge.

J. Stone has been through a lot and you hear it in his music, the fact that he is here with us now shows the resilience of Compton rappers. Now while this project was good for the community especially posthumous of Nipsey it was a lot to take in. I know the message needed to be pushed but 21 tracks were overkill. By track 15 I was kind of bored with the album.

Overall J. Stone delivered a project his city should be proud of.

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