Album Review: Partymobile

Ladies and gentlemen let give around of applause because Partynextdoor has finally came out of the sweatshop!!!!!! The Ovo basement to be more exact. It’s been a long time since we received any music from the multi-faceted creative, and an even longer time since we received a full body of work. Last week we finally got a new album from Partynextdoor.

This new album titled Partymobile and is filled with 15 tracks. The features on the album only consist of Drake, Bad Bunny, and the Fenty Savage boss Rihanna(And the crowd goes wild) herself! The Drake and Bad Bunny track Loyal,was released early last year so many people weren’t surprised by it. But Rihanna’s feature on Believe It, left many people wanting more for obvious reasons. Other amazing tracks on the album were Trauma, Showing You, and a very shady track titles Savage Anthem is stirring up speculations and debates on Twitter about a previous relationship.

Partymobile is a good return project for him and definitely did better than his Toronto lablel mate. Hopefully, Party won’t be taking another hiatus anytime soon because we need all the music to get through the pandemic. You can stream Partymobile on all music platforms. 

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