Ari Lennox Deliver Sensual Visual To Her Latest Release “Bussit”

J Cole’s protégé Ari Lennox released the music video for her fan favorite song “BUSSIT” from the latest Dreamville collab Revenge of the Dreamers III.

The video is the definition of glamorous. Vivid colors, mimosas and feathers accompany the theme of spring bloom. Lennox is seen getting ready with her girls; she adorns a modern chromatic twist to the classic 60’s cat eye look. Set up in a retro salon, this is how I imagined entering the glam room for The Corny Collins Show would be like (Think Hairspray). The music doesn’t fall short either, ever since her debut studio record “Shea Butter Baby”, Lennox has modernized soul to fit today’s bill, all while serving mass appeal.

Here’s a perfect song to get ready to during the quarantine.Sway those hips and flick that liner- who cares if it’s just to watch TV in your living room.

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