ASAP Rocky Clear The Air With Kerwin Frost

FLACKOOOOOOO!!!! Joyde season must be soon upon us because we have an Asap Rocky sighting on the Kerwin Frost show. It’s been a while since we heard from Rocky since the whole Sweden indecent(He was arrested and put in jail) But it seems Rocky has been in good spirits since and you can tell throughout the interview with old-time friends.Rocky and Kerwin speak on many things ranging from fashion, when and how Rocky joined ASAP, AsapYams, Sweden, new music, and the future. Kerwin has this awkward but effective interviewing skill that I don’t think any media personality has. His awkwardness makes the interviewee comfortable without making it seem so cringy. Asap Rocky next project might be a classic just off the way he’s dressed in the interview, giving those 2013 Joyde season fit vibes. The interview starts with Kerwin and Rocky talking about his early days with Asap and how it all started back in 06 and 07. Rocky briefly talks about his past beef with a former friend and collaborator Spaceghostpurrp

“Yams basically told me about this niggao nline Frankenstein, Lil B, Kershaw, Spaceghostpurrp, and asap rocky was the whole underground rapshit. By the time “Peso” came out Spaceghostpurrp saw it and was like yall do hieroglyphics and all thisother shit you know you gotta fuck with us. After talking on the phone and skype for a while he came tolive with his.”

After he gave us the rundown on their history, Rocky definitely took some shots at

“I was already blowing up but once I (Insert spaceship noise) I think that was around the time the purrp nigga started talking crazy. He went back home and just switched up for no reason like for no reason. When he left niggas everybody we know was on great terms, I’m talking about this nigga outta nowhere would start crying sometimes and he was sad, the truth is he was homesick.”Then that’s when the drama started.” Like I can never talk about this because I’m blowing up and if I talk about this, then I’m putting more light on this nigga. Obviously, time prevails like if he made me make another me make another you, none of his niggas fuck with him in his crew. It was a dope time in underground hip-hop and he could have made something of himself, but he was too caught up in the foolishness. My man rather be at home talking to himself on cameras and shit.”

Further into the interview, Rocky speaks upon the reception of his album “Testing” received ” I think you gonna love it or hate it, that was like my “Yeezus” funny Kanye help me with that album. Kayne,Virgil, Dave Chapelle, Mos Def. They help me, curator, the album in Berlin.” Testing was a very debatable album, many fans weren’t receptive to it at first, but it still did numbers.The interview comes with a lot of nostalgic moments and stories if you been an Asap fan since the beginning. Kerwin even though he is awkward is great at bringing relevant stories to the forefront without making it seem forced. Hopefully, this interview appearance is leading Rocky to release some music from his upcoming project “Smiles” but we will have to see. You can check out the interview on Kerwin Frost youtube channel.

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