Assembly Bill 5 Amendment Secures Major Rights For Music Professionals

A deal to exempt music workers from California Assembly Bill 5 has been reached. Photo: Joel Muniz, Unsplash.

A new bill amendment agreement in the California State Legislature will now allow musicians and industry professionals to set their own terms for their work. Artists and gig workers can breathe a sigh of relief following the announcement of the new agreement.

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) provides workers minimum wage, sick leave and unemployment protections that might otherwise be out of reach if they are classified as independent contractors.

While many progressive advocates applaud the bill, music professionals and their creative endeavors have been adversely affected by AB 5. 

AB 5 has forced bands, producers, and music gig workers to lose out on pay days and new creative opportunities as their work often misclassified them as employees.

The agreed upon AB 5 amendment will now allow music pros to set their own terms when performing live or recording music with their creative partners.
Read more about AB 5 here.

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