B8gie Foo’ Invites You To Play in the 2020 Foolympic Games

The #Foolympics is a creatively engaging game that B8gie Foo’ aka Fooba Gooding Jr. aka Foolius Caesar aka Foocci Mane has finally decided to play with the masses. Originating amongst peers at UIUC, the game began to spread via B8gie’s Instagram when others discovered the hashtag and debatably picked up on the rules. Now the official song and visual for the game is sure to amuse and impress those playing along as B8gie cleverly melds the name Foo’ with the names of some familiar figures throughout history and pop culture.

B8gie Foo’ (fka ACE B8gie) is a Chicago born and raised hip-hop artist with over 20 years of experience. What began as an 8-year-old boy’s affinity for Cash Money Records has grown into a grand appreciation of all music genres as B8gie Foo’ exhibits quality consistency, dynamic lyricism, and soulful showmanship on local and national platforms. B8gie Foo’ has traveled the country for performance purposes with Louisiana and California serving as major inspiration points combined with his love for his home in Chicago.

Some of his most acclaimed records include “Fuck a Plan B” featuring Murph Watkins and “Bird’s Eye View” which features an original production that was later used by Beyoncé for her single “7/11”. “Plan B” with Murph Watkins lead to the creation of their duo, WLFG, and the EP titled Worth Lots, Faith Good (2018). B8gie Foo’ is currently working on a new project with the lead singles “Foolympics” and forthcoming “Microwave Oven”.

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