Bad Bunny – Vete (Oficial Video )

Bad Bunny’s impassioned video for his new break-up song ‘Vete’ dropped just in time for the winter blues.

The video for his new single,“Vete” dropped on November 21 and now has over 30 million views and 1 million likes on YouTube. The videos story line showcases Bad Bunny being in-tune with his emotions and his acknowledgement of self-worth.

 Throughout the video the Latin Trap star paints us a picture of heartbreak. The title “Vete” translates from Spanish to “leave” or “go away.”

In just 3 minutes and 27 seconds, the strong visual elements in the music video such as the subtle grainy texture, cool color tones, strong contrast in light, the feeling of intimacy, and the camera movements throughout the video makes it very sentimental. 

The video starts outside of a house and transitions to a hole in the wall peeking in on a couple arguing. It then transitions to what appears to be a younger version of Bad Bunny’s eye peeking through the same hole in the wall as the couple continues to argue.

 “What are you going to do with the boy, you’re the one who wanted to have kids from what I remember, I told you I didn’t want to have kids.” 

In this moment it feels very intimate, as if you’re in their home invading their privacy.

 The heartbreak in this narrative is not just from breaking up with a significant other, but it’s also experienced from witnessing loved ones like your parents going through a breakup. 

The evocative visual elements continue in the video as the camera moves in circular rotations while Bad Bunny dances in the dark with a spotlight focused on him as the only light source creating shadows of his mesmerizing movements. 

He then walks into a bright white light doorway singing, “In my heart you are no longer the one in charge, it’s over, for you I don’t feel anything,” and flexes with a sports car while the background is a bright blue and partially cloudy sky.

As the video progresses and he sings, “you never loved me, I don’t know why you insist,” Bad Bunny once again flexes with the car but the background is now bursting flames.

At the end of the music video, the last visual is Bad Bunny with stormy clouds in the background as the camera rotates in circles and zooms in and focuses on his eye until it fades into black to conclude the video.

Overall, the composition of the song is at a very steady pace and has a very flowy rhythm that is well accompanied with the rotating video transitions and other dreamy visual elements throughout the music video. 

The lyrics may be gloomy but the video is very soothing and refreshing in showcasing the dynamics of heartbreak.This song reminds me a lot of Omar Apollo’s song titled “Frio” which was also released this year. The song has a very similar style both sound wise and lyrically to “Vete”. “Frio” translates from Spanish to “cold” which references Apollo’s feelings over a heartbreak.

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