BC Kingdom is back and you won’t believe their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

The course of R&B has seen a radical change starting with in the late 90s and early 2000s where R&B/Rap collaborations began to pop up. No one knew that Rap would eventually be the “popular” genre of music and that R&B would soon take a backseat. Nonetheless music has a way of adapting to the times and the climate that is the music industry. For R&&B artists that meant holding on more closely and building their fanbases. One group that has been able to grow their fan base and is seeing the fruits of their labor is the LA-based duo of Zou Deon and Logan Eze.

Zou Deon and Logan Eze make up the R&B group BC Kingdom. Who in a Fader article was described as having “an uncanny way of being simultaneously of-the-moment and obsessed with the past.” The group is most notably recognized as being featured on Solange’s compilation project “Saint Heron” where they were able to standout with their single “Lockout”. Their latest single “Yung Stunna” can be described as the past meeting the now. The now being R&B. Some would say artists like The Weekend have helped shaped this new R&B landscape of dark yet dreamy style, but BC Kingdom has not let this stop them from doing what they do best. Music!

Recently BC Kingdom has announced that they are heading to Londontown. But not for a vacation. This is strictly for business. Well there might be some play involved. The duo is getting ready for their live stream concert by NTS Radio. NTS is an online radio station and media platform based in London, England including the different locations spread across the world. The live stream for BC Kingdom will occur on Friday October 26th. See the announcement below:

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