Bengie Bandz sky dives on his latest track “Kamakaze”

When the term Kamakize was first used as a word it was used to describe the Chinese Military attack on enemy fleets. Webster Dictionary defines this as “a member of a Japanese air attack corps in World War II assigned to make a suicidal crash on a target (such as a ship)”. Hip-Hop loves to flip words, and kamakaze is no exception. Artists have taken this term and used it to describe their verbal assult on their competition. Eminem for example. with the recent release of his album “Kamakaze” is another example of how Hip-Hop artists have taken this one word and have struck fear into the souls of their competition. Bengie Bandz is the next to artists to use this tactical verbal skill with the recent release of his track “Kamakaze”.

The track is a full attention grabber as it’s cover artwork is of the popular Looney Tunes cartoon character Bugs Bunny. The popular popular cartoon character can be seen pointing a gun to his head while rocking a traditional Japenese bandana (called a Hachimaki), and even a neck tatoo. If this doesn’t get your attention, you sleeping. And as soon as you press play it’s clear that Bengie Bandz is out to kill ’em all. The track is very high energy with the inclusion of trap 808 kicks and snare drums, Kamakaze is a killer beat. Bengie Bandz is able to effortly navigate the track with his melodic flow. A flow that was highlighted on our coverage of “Hit my Chirp” by kB3ach which he was also featured on.

Kamakaze that means you can die and I can die and too,
Kamakaze that means you can die and I can die and too,
Know know I trap I’m not in school, ya I’m trappin’ like a fool
I just fucked my bitch I’m tryna fuck yo bitch tonite too,
Told her bitch I love the money but I gotta crush on you.

Don’t sleep on Kamkaze. It’s the perfect end of summer track with turn up, metphors, and a vibe that will have you yellin’, “Kamakaze that means you can die and I can die and too..” Again. Don’t sleep on this track, because before you know it this plane will be crashing your servers. And Bengi Bandz is the artist that will be piloting this track across the airwaves. So catch the vibe of “Kamkaze” below and don’t forget to comment below on your this dope track.

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