Breonna Taylor, Say Her Name

Breonna Taylor, a black woman from Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed by police on March 13, 2020. What happened is tragic and has further fueled conflict between African Americans and police.

While sleeping in her apartment with her boyfriend, Louisville Metro Police entered her home, without announcement, based on a tip regarding a narcotics investigation. In self-defense, Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired shots at officers, which he presumed to be home invaders. Officers fired back, fatally killing Taylor. Because officers were plainclothes and did not have body cameras, there is a lot of he-said going on. Here is what we do know for sure:

She was an EMT. She was 26 years old. The same age that I am. The only crime that she was guilty of was being black in America.

Rest in peace Breonna.

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