Catch AD Acting Debut On The Latest Episode of Dave on fx Stream on Hulu

On the latest episode of Dave, which stars none other than comedy rapper Lil Dicky, he exposes some of his fears. During the show, Dave has to deal with the fact that he had multiple surgeries on his genital and now it looks deformed. He tries his best to hide his abnormal body part from his girl during sex, but that becomes a challenge as she wants to try new things during their sexual moments. While Dave is trying to hide his insecurity, another one of his secrets is exposed as Dave likes to have relations with his sex doll. His girl does eventually find out about all of his challenges but decides to accept him for him.

Another rapper and acting star in the making made his acting debut today, and that is Compton rapper AD. AD did have a short scene that involved him and Mike and his computer friend getting into an argument at a deli store. Mike’s friend and AD seem to have a bad history with each other. Things didn’t escalate past words. but AD acting did have Mike shook for the rest of the episode, it was a short scene but it was realistic.



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