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    Static Major’s Legacy Continues To Live On

    Grammy Award veteran, Late Stephen Ellis Garette, aka Static Major, was a member of the RnB trio “Playa”. He is recognized for collaborating with Lil Wayne on his track “Lollipop”. His songs are available to stream and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other popular streaming platforms Garette wrote songs for Genuine, Destiny’s Child […] More

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    The Dominance Of People Of Color

    It is crazy to know that America has always undervalued and under-appreciated black people’s contributions to society. People of color have had the biggest impact on American history in things like space travel, food, transportation, science, medical research, and many others. But one place where our presence has always been felt, heard, and seen since […] More

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    Rappers Turned Foodies

    What’s better than a day filled with good music and good food? These rappers know a lot about both. Action Bronson“Bon vivant” Action Bronson is the host of the food show “F*ck, That’s Delicious” on Viceland. He has also co-authored a cookbook of the same name. N.O.R.E.Rapper N.O.R.E. explores his food connoisseur side on Complex’s […] More

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    When did we start moshing at rap concerts, and will it ever stop?

    Though mosh pits have been a part of hip-hop since the 1980s, today, they are more present at rap shows than ever.

    For every hip-hop concertgoer there is a memorable concert story, and for every concert story, there is bound to be some bittersweet tale of being absorbed and shredded by a turbulent mosh pit. As of late, moshing has become a regular occurrence at rap shows of both the underground and the mainstream. They are often […] More

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    Top 10 Tracks Trending On Triller January 2020

    Triller is a mobile application where users can select a song to have playing over their imported or in app recorded video. Users also have the option to make video edits in app and post on the platform and share on other social media platforms. There are different categories such as lifestyle, food, music, etc. […] More

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    14 Athletes You (Probably) Didn’t Know Spent Time in the Studio

    Various athletes across the NBA, NFL, and PGA that make music

    All across the NBA, NFL, and PGA, athletes are laying down tracks. Here’s a few of them. Below you will find a list of various professional athletes who have spent time making music. You’ll find that some of them are pretty great, and some should probably stay out of the studio, but regardless of quality, […] More

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    I’ll Love Tupac Until the End of Time

    I’m mystified whenever I listen to Tupac Shakur’s music and hear the fast and slow cadences in his voice, the poetic rhyme that is ever-present in his writing, and the sheer beauty of his raw, gritty lyricism. Not many artists can claim to be poets, actors, and musicians all at once, but Tupac was all […] More

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