Charlie Wayy: New York sound ft, Sidewalk Chalk


Do you love listening to an east coast, nitty-gritty, lyrical heavy music? Well, turn your speakers up and make sure it’s Charlie Wayy blasting!

Charlie Wayy has been writing music since he was 10-years-old. He said when he started music it was something he did for fun and as a positive outlet to express himself. However, as he became older he decided to take music more seriously, especially since his two biggest influences were Nas and his older brother. Charlie experienced a near death experience that changed his outlook on life and music. The artist was caught in a shootout and almost got shot. He said after this experience, he wanted to make sure he made a lasting impression with his music. He said he didn’t want his last piece of music he wrote, to be the last thing people would have remembered him for.

“I have to get better with this because God forbid this be my demise and it sounded horrible, but I know this is for me,” he said.

Charlie Wayy said one of his favorite songs on his project is “Insomnia” because of theway able to go outside of his comfort zone.

“It’s my favorite by far because everything I wrote in the second verse happened the next week,” Wayy said.

His entire project will bring different emotions out of you while listening to it. There are songs that will make you reflect on your life, think about God, learn to have faith in yourself and of course be t’d with your friends. “Confidence” is a song that will make you feel untouchable and give you the energy you need to accomplish your dreams. Just listening to the beat alone will get you hyped and want to play the song over and over again! Aside from his hardcore sound, he decided to slow it down and show some love to the beat. Now, just a fair warning, his song “Drownin” will put you in your feelings, in a good way.

“Drownin” featuring Paloma will get you hot and steamy, not to mention ready to call your boo. He switched up his sound, slowed things down, and added some vocals to show a more versatile side of himself. He also has features on the project like Ricky Mapes, Paloma, Tommy V and more.

Make sure to check out more music from Charlie Wayy on YouTube, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

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