Chasing Desolation “BACK FROM THE GRAVE TOUR 2020”

Chasing Desolation officially announced their forthcoming tour called “Back From The Grave 2020” on Feb. 17. Currently the band is on the road to their first show at O’Malley’s in Mountain View, California.

“We met through mutual friends, Seth (Vocals) and I when I was 12. This was in the bay area. It was just us jamming out in our garage. We played in a couple of high school battle of bands, and that was basically, the start of the band. Later on, when I was 17,Seth decided to go to school for audio engineering, basically for the band later on and I had an opportunity with this other band that was going to sign a deal and tour. I met Austin (Bass) around that time; he was in a band called ‘Picture me Broken’. Later on when I moved to LA, we stole Seth back from this other band. This one guitar player wanted me to sing for him but I was busy with Chasing Desolation, instead I told him that we were looking for a drummer and that’s how we came into contact with Mike (Drums).”

– Jimmy (Guitar)

The tour features songs from their latest release album “The Moth Collection”. The 10- track studio album is accompanied by graphics that fit the nature of the band’s songs: It’s gritty, raw and melancholic.

Tour Dates:
03.06.2020 – O’Malley’s, Mountain View, CA 03.07.2020 – On the Y, Sacramento, CA
03.08.2020 – TBA, Chico, CA
03.09.2020 – Twilight Café & Bar, Portland,OR

03.11.2020 – The Streddar, Boise, ID
03.12.2020 – Lumpy’s Highland, Salt Lake City, UT

03.13.2020 – Antero Hall, Denver, CO
03.14.2020 – TBA Colorado Springs, CO 03.16.2020 – TBA Albuquerque, NM 03.17.2020 – Yucca Tap Room, Pheonix, AZ 03.19.2020 – Til -Two Club, San Diego, CA 03.20.2020 – El Cid, Hollywood, CA

For more information click the link to Chasing Desolation’s website.

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