ChefDance – Sundance Film Festival Gives a Taste-Test

On Wednesday, December 12th, ChefDance celebrated it’s 16th anniversary as the Sundance Film Festival’s culinary partner at the Pre-Sundance Film Festival Sneak Peak of ChefDance 2019. Hosted at the luxurious C.E. Toberman Estate in historic Hollywood, ChefDance CEO Mimi Kim invited guests, tastemakers, and influencers to take part in an intimate sampling of what the culinary hub has in store for 2019.

ChefDance 2019
American R&B Songwriter/Singer Liv Warfield Photo By Anna Vo

Guests were treated to a multi-course feast complimented by Antica Napa Valley wine and live performances by American R&B Singer-Songwriter Liv Warfield as well as a poetry reading by Skyler Griswold of Future Generations Now.

The dinner was concocted by ChefDance’s leading chef, Casey Lane: head chef and visionary of West Hollywood’s upscale Italian eatery Viale dei Romani.

ChefDance 2019
Chef Casey Lane Photo by Anna Vo

Dinner Menu:

1. Wood Roasted Delicate Squash Panzanella – Pine Nuts, Watercress
2. House Marinated Olives
3. Wood Fired Broccoli
4. Fig Bruschetta – Balsamic Marinated Figs, Fromage Blanc, Crostini
5. Salmon Cornetti – Sesame Tuiles, Creme Fraiche
6. Chicken Liver Toast
7. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

For nearly two decades, ChefDance has been closely tied to the Sundance Film Festival in scenic Park City, Utah. Now partnering with Postmates, ChefDance unites the best chefs in the world with the finest films, to create an immersive dining experience. It’s what some have called the “biggest culinary feast” in the country, but with 70,000 expected guests this year, we’ll all just be lucky to get a bite.

Learn more about the upcoming ChefDance event.

ChefDance 2019
ChefDance CEO Mimi Kim (Center) with Chef Casey Lane (Left) and Singer/Songwriter Liv Warfield (Right) Photo By Anna Vo

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