Blacking Out, Building Momentum, and Obsessive Fans: A Conversation with Keith Canva$

The up-and-coming Portland-based rapper sits down with NoGossipLA

Who got next? It’s the question surrounding every young rapper in an era where, thanks to Soundcloud, stars are born overnight. Keith Canva$, a twenty-one-year-old rapper from Portland, Oregon, certainly has a chance to claim the throne. His feature on Croosh’s song “WYWD,” has racked up over 267,000 listens on Soundcloud, and his spot on LocateEmilio’s single “No Mistakes,” (also featuring Croosh and 3am), falls right behind with 218,000 listens.

“I’m around the right people now,” says Keith Canva$

photographed by Cashix

This past Sunday at the Rolling Loud festival in San Bernardino. Although he wasn’t scheduled to perform at the hip-hop centered festival, Canva$ made a guest appearance during Cassow’s mid-afternoon set.

“Every time I perform, I black-out while I’m up there,” he says while laughing. “The next few days I see some footage and I’m like damn that shit was lit.”

He’s not the only one impressed with his undeniable stage energy. His live performances have been garnering momentum this year. Not only has he played a string of Los Angeles dates, but he’s also made a lasting impression on his fans.

“I had this girl, this artist, I swear to God, she did like eleven paintings of me,” Canva$ says with a laugh. “And they were the best paintings I’ve ever seen in the world.”

His latest single, “Philly 2 LA,” along with its accompanying music video, carries with it the potential to inspire even more fans. The video plays like a mellow shroom high, with vibrant colors and trippy animations. Released last week, it’s already racked up almost 15,000 plays on YouTube.

“It’s the best visual, I swear.” Canva$ says with no sense of ingenuity. “It’s insane…Ya’ll have to see that video.”

Check out the video for “Philly 2 LA,” below, and keep your eyes and ears open for more Keith Canva$ music in the year 2018.

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