Dad Reacts interviews JPEGMAFIA

Most of YouTube’s music coverage comes from big channels like The Needle Drop and Narduwar, but a new channel is slowly making it’s rise with some of the freshest content to date. P F / Dad Reacts is a channel headed by a kid named Rory. Its content focuses on mainstream Hip-Hop releases, and often times Rory will interview his father on how he feels about a recent release. Some highlights include “Tyler, the Creator – OKRA REACTION” and “Kid makes ramen while listening to DANK MUSIC.”

In his newest video, Rory interviews JPEGMAFIA. It a very casual and relaxed interview, with the two seated on the couch as Peggy eats from a bowl of fruit. In this conversation, they talk of influences, collaborations and the overall musical style of JPEGMAFIA. The interview is surprisingly charismatic, with the two having an effortless conversation with genuine answers. Rory’s channel offers a unique look at Hip-Hop, and hopefully the success of this interview sparks more to come for him.

You can watch the interview here.

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