Death Row Records launches new clothing line

Death Row Lifestyle makes it’s mark in Los Angeles in time for summer

The summer is approaching and it’s time for you to get some new gear and look saucier than last summer. To help you out, Death Row launched its clothing line, “Death Row Lifestyle”. The pop-up shop included T-shirts, hats, hoodies, windbreakers, and shoes! Clearly, there’s a whole fashion line awaiting just for you!

We all know about Death Row and its legacy in the ’90s. Death Row is famous for its artists like Suge Knight, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, Kurupt and many more. Death Row is known for the legends it’s produced and now it will also be known for its clothing line.

Foolie, a rapper from Los Angeles, explained that Death Row has produced so many legends already, it is only right that the future of the clothing line is legendary too!

“Death Row was one of those labels that put a real impact and it’s something you can’t forget. Growing up listening to Tupac and all of them is something you can’t forget” he said. “We’re from the city and it’s only right we pay our respects to the city. They’ve paved the way for us,” he added.

Mike Zombie, an artist from the east coast, was featured in the commercial for Death Row Lifestyle and said it was an amazing experience channeling into his inner actor.

“I was with Death Row I was with The Game, super westside stuff, it felt so legendary, I’m just so glad to be a part of it,” Zombie said.

“Death Row is pure westside. It’s just a monumental classic staple for hip-hop and the culture of hip-hop as a whole,” he said. You still have Snoop being for the culture and making sure that the stuff by the culture is from people that look like people from the culture. So, it’s always going to be culture,” Zombie added.

He said he believes the future and legacy for Death Row Lifestyle will forever have its mark on the world.

“The legacy is going to live on forever and it’s never going to stop,” Zombie said.

Make sure you aren’t left out this summer and looking drippy in your Death Row Lifestyle.

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