Democrats’ ADEM: The Most Important Election You’ve Never Heard of

Democrats Cast Votes for locals in their District Delegate Elections

A new year brings the promise of fresh goals. And with the Democrats’ landslide victory in the primaries, you might be ready to let politics take a back seat to those new year’s resolutions.

But the voting doesn’t end in November as Democrats are in the middle of their Assembly District Delegate Elections. If you’ve never heard of the ADD, no worries, but there’s really no bout of voting that’s “closer to home” for citizens than these biennial elections.

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What is the ADEM?

In the state of California, there are 80 state assembly districts. Each assembly district elects an assembly member along with 14 elected delegates who represent the Democratic Party and who keep the assembly members accountable.

Just this weekend, citizens of the Democratic party united across these 80 districts to vote for their district’s 14 delegates who will represent the Democratic Party at the Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM).

Here’s Why You Should Care About This

The ADEM consists of grassroots groups of people whose interests lie at the local level. For that, they receive very little of the political spotlight. And yet it’s this proximity to their district’s citizens that makes these representatives so integral to affecting local policy.

According to a statement made by the California Democratic Party, “Delegates to the State Party take part in important decisions including voting on endorsement recommendations and helping to promote the California Democratic Party’s Platform and agenda.” 

An important feature is that these seats are not being filled by lofty dignitaries and professional politicians. Rather, these candidates are life-long members of their communities: teachers, civil servants, if you live in East LA, comedians like Kristina Wong. If anything, these are the political shakers that can have the most direct impact on us and our communities, and that’s reason enough to know about them and get your vote in.

It’s Not Too Late To Vote

While elections already began last week across many districts, for many others, a second, final election is being held on January 26th and 27th. To find your district and see if there is still time to vote check here.

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