Dope Spots You Should Check Out In Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known for its unique eateries, museums, and hang out spots. Here are some of the latest dope places you should check out, regardless if you are a resident or visiting the city.

1. Museum of Weed

The 30,000 square foot space showcases the history of Mary Jane. It’s a spot to go to not only recognize the role that weed has had in changing the national conversation about legalization, but also recognizing the significance of equal equity. Inside, you’ll experience interactive exhibits, art installations, and artifacts that shed context on the history of weed. 

2. The Kick It Spot

This is the place if you are a music lover and want to congregate with like-minded folks. The Kick It Spot is the place for those who want to chill, create, and network without the pretense.

Check out their event calendar here:

3. For Every Table

For Every Table curates chef-made meals for everyone in the local community. The guys over at the For Every Table Instagram account regularly puts a spotlight on those who are making moves in the local food scene.

4. Trap Truck

Trap Truck is the most unique mobile venture serving Los Angeles area with exotic pops, cereals, Backwoods and more.

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