Kalan.frfr Los Angeles native in the rap scene has released his new mixtape, Leak The Tape


Kalan.FRFR, a rising star in the rap scene has released his new mixtape, Leak The Tape. His rap roots can be traced to Atlanta and the L.A., and the dual influences show here. He’s released fast-and-furious freestyles and more moody, melodic tracks. Leak The Tape is more in line with the second, but it puts his diverse artistic roots and his personal development as an artist on full display.

Despite making bad decisions and falling into a downward spiral, Kalan.FRFR has risen out of the dark place he was trapped in. A former college football player, he fought to graduate and start his rap career while plagued by legal battles. He found the light at the end of the tunnel when he released Hurt, a powerful, emotional mixtape recorded in one day in 2018. Since then, his future has only been looking brighter.

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