Flavio Cútatore Proves he’s the World’s Most Interesting Man in his latest video 2U.

Baby girl you know I’m not like other men

The world’s most interesting man. What really defines this? Dos Equis describes him as; “He is a man rich in stories and experiences, much the way the audience hopes to be in the future.” Rich in stories. For anyone who knows of Flavio Cútatore knows of the stories that he tells in his music. And far as the Future, Flavio CútatoreHis has shown the ability to make hits that have made him undeniably the future of music. Distinguished in musical taste and well versed in J Prince’s Art and Science of Respect, Flavio Cútatore proves he’s the World’s Most Interesting Man in his latest video 2U.

But who is Flavio Cútatore? Flavio Cútatore is actually the alter-ego of Tulsa rapper Keeng Cut. Some may think these two are the same, but a closer look reveals that these artists are very unique in the sense that Keeng Cut is more about metaphors and showcasing his rapping talent. While Flavio Cútatore on the other hand is more laid back and more geared toward singing and serenading his growing female fan base. But overall it’s these differences that make both artist work.

The song was 2U produced by SeriouslyK5 who is a hit making producer from Tulsa that has helped Keeng Cut create his sound. SeriouslyK5 proves on 2U that his unique blends of different sounds and tempos is the reason why his production is in such high demand, and together with Flavio Cútatore these two are cranking out hits that the R&B world has no choice but to respect.

Surrounded by luxurious white columns, spiraling staircases, and majestic suptuous fountain stands the figure known as Flavio Cútatore. And it is at the 21st second that Flavio Cútatore shows why he has the title of The World’s Most Interesting Man. Dressed in the finest of fabrics and jewels Flavio Cútatore doesn’t just play the part of an R&B singer he exudes it as he sings to the onward looking female lead Honey DeLune (played by model Mykala Marshe) There is something to her beauty that is not forced, a beauty that is not created with makeup or waist trainers, but with confidence and self-worth. She says so much without even saying one word. But not to be outdone Flavio Cútatore makes it clear that he is just as interesting as he does everything with FLAVOR 2U.It’s the give-and-take of Flavio Cútatore and Honey DeLune that gives this video so much character as both exchange roles of pursuant and the one being pursued. This was obviously apart of the vision that was brought to life by vidographer Cashahoma whose use of vintage shots created a timeless video that was All FLAVOR

In a world where there are so many thirst traps the usual Dos Equis commercials would end with the words “Stay Thirsty”. But in a video with so much imagery, extravagance, Flavio Cútatore would say “Ima make this flavor last” .

So checkout Keeng Cut’s alter-ego Flavio Cútatore and his latest video 2U:

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