Update: Former police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder in the killing of George Floyd

Chauvin is currently in custody and has been charged with third-degree murder. The incident of George Floyd’s brutal arrest and death has sent waves of severe cultural shock and political unrest to the nation.

Cyril N. White, 45, who was Floyd’s high school football teammate described him as “a Gentle Giant” in an article in The New York Times. Once known for his athletic accomplishments, Floyd has now entered the long list of African American men who were treated unfairly by authorities that lacked sensitivity in facilitating matters of peace keeping.

On May 29, Tuesday, a video of Floyd’s arrest surfaced online. Handcuffed and pinned at the neck by a group of officers, the graphic video shot by bystanders of Floyd’s arrest shows how inhumane “following protocol” looks when done without a neutral perspective.

In the video, the now fired officer tells Floyd to “Relax” while actively pinning his knee down on Floyd’s helpless body to the pavement, the irony of this situation triggered bystanders to intervene which didn’t stop the officer and neither did he change his stance. Floyd died a short time later, the police said.

The legal principle that one is innocent until proven guilty is nowhere present in the actions of the officers, the whole event plays out as a reactionary offense that escalated to a man’s life being sacrificed. Instead of doing their job, the officials involved can be seen orchestrating a defense for themselves while neglecting the rights of then detained and suffocating Floyd.

Four officers involved have been fired and the FBI is conducting a civil rights investigation as stated in the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer who is representing late Floyd’s family said they want to see murder charges filed against the police officers.

Currently there are numerous protests being held over George Floyd’s death all over the nation. To show support for the cause, you can head over to the second day of the protest happening today, May 29, at Los Angeles and Santa Monica, or you can tune into live coverages of protests being streamed in Youtube and other forms of news outlet.


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