FCF Owen’s – Cave Man


FCF Owen, who’s name means Family Comes First, is a Broward County rapper raised and based in Florida and born in Jamaica. His upbringing wasn’t the smoothest yet he found himself and his way through music. Having admitted to enduring difficult times in his youth, Owen utilized music to relieve and assuage the stress of his life. He would curate a plethora of verses to different songs he thought of and never considered his art to be work as work is mundane and art is an expression of oneself. Because music plays such a huge part in his life, his inspiration to writing music is life itself. He has recently released a project called “Rude Boy”on September 1st , 2019 featuring a few singles such as Cave Man, Real, and a personal favorite, Channel 9.Channel 9 and Real have catchy, melodic flows, and fun word play. Both songs are very reflective of his genuine life stories whereas Cave Man, has a very strong production under FCF Owen’s melodious bars. Nonetheless the message is still at the forefront of the song and is a little bit more raw and uncut when it comes to the lyrical material. FCF Owens is one of the many artists keeping southern trap alive. Check out the audio from Cave Man here: 

Check out his visuals from the project Real here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNK3aJeHtEE&list=PLmEVFQWoDIcYMjHp2OTZxbvtuZGPNv-R_&index=2

Check out the audio for his other single Channel 9 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqyYygCVt7c&list=PLmEVFQWoDIcYMjHp2OTZxbvtuZGPNv-R_&index=1


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