Khaled Hit Us With Another One…

Father Of Asahd features a solid 15 tracks with collaborators including Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Cardi B and more.

A staple of positivity of pushing the culture forward, after gaining traction with his Snapchat Antics, DJ Khaled turned himself into a global superstar known for his bravado and penchant for bringing together the industries biggest stars. Khaled’s loud ad libs and boasts are nearly as recognizable as the verses that come from the various artists featured across his works. 
“Father of Asahd” carries on the tradition set by Khaled of cooking up a project full of anthems and bangers with collaborations that fans can only dream of like the pairing of Nipsey Hussle and John Legend. The project features a solid 15 tracks with collaborators including Justin Bieber, Meek Mill,
Lil Baby, Cardi B and more. 

Sonically, the beats slap and the drum arrangement on records like Wish Wish and Weather the Storm really cut through the rest of the pack. Like previous DJ Khaled outings, “Father of Asahd” struggles with a lack of direction and progression but this is largely in part due to Khaled’s ever rotating surrounding cast.

The opening record “Holy Mountain”, shows an unlikely pairing as GOOD Music’s 070 Shake finds herself alongside dancehall heavy weights, Sizzle, Mavado, and Buju Bandon for this positive, uplifting tune. 21 Savage and Cardi B make the perfect pair on “Wish Wish” swagging out over a strong Tay Keith track. Hearing Lil Baby and Meek Mill together is surprisingly refreshing as the pair deliver two of the more introspective verses on the album showcasing a potent chemistry. 

The late Nipsey Hussle and John Legend

-assisted track “Higher” serves as a salute to the life of the west coast rapper with Nipsey dropping two well thought verses that showcase Nipsey’s ability to provide listeners with a true street narrative while opening up and sharing his own perspective of the streets, life, family and more. On a project that features a huge amount of stunting, the inclusion of this Nipsey cut make sure that “Father of Asahd” has something on it for everyone.  

Overall, “Father of Asahd” is a fun record with masterful instrumentation and amazing collaborations. Where the project lacks in cohesion and message it makes up for with the vibes. If you’re searching for some music to bump in the whip all summer, this is the perfect compilation for you to put in rotation.

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