Head Versus Heart: How Data is Transforming the A&R

NoGossipLA family took a field trip to Capitol Records where we attended Capitol 360 Royale planel presented by Bandsintown.

Anything to go viral seems to be the theme for the past 5 years . And since there is a bunch of corporations shoveling money just to attach themselves to what or whomever goes viral, it seems as if the quality of entertainment has taken a hit . One of the most notable areas in which this hit is taking place is in the music industry. With access to so many platforms to release your music, record labels are relying on these platform as resources to signing new acts based on their YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music numbers. Now with that being said a lot of those acts seem to fade rapidly as the labels look to recoup on their investment . Thats due to bots that produce fake numbers for the artist. Let’s take an artist like IcyNarco as example I’m sure a lot of you don’t know who or what an IcyNarco is but he’s a rapper that has a deal with 10k Projects ( the same label as Tekashi 69, and Trippie Redd ) but he had millions of views on YouTube and millions of plays on Spotify yet we don’t know who he is .

Well recently the NoGossipLA family took a field trip to Capitol Records where we attended Capitol 360 Royale they had a panel of music executives and A&R’s discussing this matter. No not discussing who IcyNarco is, but how to look past the obscure numbers and see the talent. The panelist were Jeff Temske SVP of streaming and research at Capitol, Ankit Desai CEO of SNAFU records , Josh Hayes Data Scientist at Chartmetric , Matt Sawin EVP at Caroline Records, and Kate Loesch A&R Manager at Capitol as you can see this is more than just going off numbers there’s a science to finding real talent . They understand the power of the internet and they also want to make sure whomever they sign is a home run. One rule of them that they all agreed on is “trust your gut” that law has been here since before the music industry . Another strategy they use is the 30k -100k mark of the streams and views.

They figure that you can find the truth in that range because the 30k or 100k song can easily grow or stay stagnant and within those numbers if you see the artist don’t work the record . That measurement is like the numerical version of grass roots . So in a way they look at that as the “word of mouth zone”. Usually at that number that song as hit everyone in their region at least once and they want to see if they can duplicate that number and replicate that with their other content . We’ve seen artist with millions of views get a deal and for some odd reason they seem to flop once they get on a national scale . This is just one strategy that make be able to kick start a new era of artist that will have longevity . Hopefully it helps push our music moving forward , but only time will tell.

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