Hip-Hop Evolution Season 2 Debuts on Netflix

If you’re into Hip-Hop, and tired of watching The Office over and over again on Netflix, you’re in luck. Hip-Hop Evolution season two is out now. Brought to you by Canadian rapper/broadcaster Shad, he embarks on an in-depth journey to learn about the history of Hip-Hop. Season one starts with the inception of Hip-Hop at DJ Kool Herc’s party, and goes all the way to the birth of Gangsta Rap. The series has won the 2016 Peabody Award, as well as the 2017 International Emmy for Best Arts Programming.

Season two expands from where the previous season had left off. The new season’s episodes are “The Southern Way,” “Out the Trunk: The Bay,” “Do the Knowledge” and “New York State of Mind.” The episodes will cover a variety of artists, including KRS-One, 2 Live Crew and Wu-Tang Clan.

For more information on the series, or Hip-Hop history in general, you can visit their website here.

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