Hot Drop: Billyracxx Releases New Ep. Butterflies Pt 2

Houston, via Florida, rapper Billyracxx released his newest project “Butterflies, Pt 2” on the first of the month. The 6-track EP showcases Billyracxx’s mix of vocal tones over deep claps and snares, slight synthesizers, and spacey melodies. Stand out song and title track “Butterfly” Billyracxx raps about the importance of discovering one’s self and introspection to prosper. 

Another stand out track is “Hype” where he switches between a raspy harrowing tone and a light timbre, he calls out clout chasers who are just doing it for the hype and aren’t actually putting in the work. 

“Butterflies, Pt 2” can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify. 

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