Hot Drops: Dave Coresh – 2DollaBill

Dave Coresh, born in D.C. grew up in Chicago, and is now living in Los Angeles to continue his music career making hip-hop and rap music inspired by artists from Jay-Z to Kanye West to the Notorious B.I.G.

Since the release of his single “Dummy” last month, Coresh dropped a new single, “2DollaBill” on February 20th. 

The single, 2DollaBill is very flowy in the way his words intertwine with the timeless beat. His rapping is projected very seamlessly, with his words being enunciated very clearly in a way that you can feel the beat and flow of the song humming inside of you.

“I’ve been running up a check, taking mile after mile, say my name with respect, I’m a man you a child.”

Lyrically the song proves to be self-empowering, talking about being from the hood and the feelings of being misunderstood or underestimated by others.

“Young misunderstood, I do what I want,” Coresh then continues the verse talking about how others do what they can, and continues the verse with, “I’m from a hood.”

Throughout the song, Coresh also includes ambient sound effects such as a whistle or the sound of a car locking to intensify what he’s rapping about and set the listeners in the scene.

Coresh also includes voice modifications throughout the song. To my interpretation the deeper voice makes it seem like it’s the voice of outsiders, almost as if it were like the influence of what outsiders say to him or like if it were his own self doubt coming to light in the song.

To listen to this exhilarating song for yourself, it is available on multiple streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. For further updates on David Coresh’s music, check him out on Twitter for more information about him and his upcoming works.

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