Industry Plant or Just Plain Ol’ Artist Development

The internet loves creating new terminology and or slang.  An “industry plant” is our latest reference to artists that seem to come out of nowhere, and suddenly find immense success from just one song or a relatively thin discography. For the casual super-fan, the “come up” of an artist is a very important part of an artist’s identity. It explains how they got to where they are in their career, what motivated them, and why. People typically identify with an artist because of this come up – fans see themselves in them and can associate with the struggle to succeed. 

Nowadays, however, it seems like music fans don’t really care about how their favs are gaining their rapid success. On the other hand, some fans are frustrated  that these alleged industry plants and their hyper viral content haven’t gone through the process to build a story behind their success. The difference between these two perspectives is where the big disconnect lies.

In the past couple of years, there is a litany of artists who have been accused of being industry plants due to gaining notoriety out of a single song and gaining an entire career in the process. Some of these artists include Lil Tecca, Clever, Lil Pump and Nle Choppa, to name a few. 
While some might argue that these “industry plants” are a hoax the rest of us are sending a round of applause to what seems like the comeback of traditional artist development. 

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