Ingenious Shoe Designer Dianne Halloway—She’s Always A Step Ahead of The Crowd

Athletic footwear designer Dianne Halloway could be described in many ways—as long as the vernacular chosen is free of the word “normal”. Matter of factly, when it comes to footwear, one might even say she is rather unorthodox.

Though the famed shoe designer has created a namesake footwear brand of her own, it is her custom designs—the result of her collaborative partnership with the athletic footwear brand Adidas—which are, truly, next level. Dianne Halloway is most definitely making history at the moment.

There is no doubt that Dianne Halloway is gifted. But, just how did she tap into her current level of success? When we asked the designer what piece of advice she would give to someone with a big, seemingly impossible dream, she stated: “Stick to it—Knowing your craft or curation—better yet yourself—is the beginning of wisdom”. Dianne Halloway is a stunning example of what it looks like to truly enter into a state of creative flow.

It is natural that the artist’s highly sought after design capabilities allow her to create alongside some of the most phenomenal fashion designers in the world. Designers like Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto has high-fashion clothing designer for several decades; however, he became known in the world of athletic footwear because of his creative partnership with Addidas. The Yamamoto/Addidas collaboration brand, Y-3, has been blurring the lines between high-fashion and athletic design; the brand has been popular among celebrities and musicians for nearly a decade. Y-3 may have very well have been one of the catalyst brands that changed high-end athletic footwear. Y-3, along with other brands like Yeezy, have created a cult following; when they release a new sneaker, it is as noteworthy as the haute couture designs featured at Paris Fashion Week. Since Dianne Halloway entered her post at Addidas, the designer has reimagined some of the Y-3 sneaker designs; these Yohji Yamamoto designs were already cutting-edge; now—they are next-level.

At first glance, it may seem that Halloway is just an awesome shoe designer. However, a deeper look into the shapes, textures, and athletic-ergonomics of her designs will reveal a love for fine art. It is this love which the artist displays all over the world via events aptly named Dianne Halloway x ADI: Gallery 3. These events celebrate art and ingenuity as they relate to footwear design.

Halloway’s collaboration with Addidas, as well as her level of attention to detail and design, has created an entirely new space within the world of footwear. Dianne Halloway is, most definitely, a next-level shoe designer.

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