Is Hip Hop Trading Talent for Clout??

In today’s time there are many sides of the spectrum when it comes to hip-hop and rap music. Within the last 10 years we’ve experienced different types of sounds that all seems to correlate into music today. Some may see that as a good thing while others see it as a depressing transition. Lyrics have become simple and straight to the point while beat-makers have added so many elements to the music, creating a lane of popularity. For some odd reason a lot of songs are starting to sound the same like a sick pattern. Giving hipsters the notion that its easy to become a rap star today. With the boom of social media and the popular job title these days called ” influencers ” those “influencers” believe their popularity will translate to good music or even a successful rap career. Successful for sure, but is it good music? With record deals being offered for quick catchy tune like the viral post like ” cash me outside, how bout dat” has made the game seem more of a race for clout while good music isn’t getting the props it deserves. Since sales are measured by streams and views it seems that the marketing strategy is to just get a click.

Let’s take an artist like 6ix9ine he seems to troll everything just to get you to press play on his songs which is ingenius however it raising the question; Is the appreciation of music going down the drain at the hands of going viral? That’s a question only you can answer . 

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