Jacob and Fanny spread love at the Hotel Cafe

Jacob and Fanny perform in Hollywood to debut their EP

Jacob and Fanny hit the stage at the Hotel Cafe Friday night and their love definitely circled throughout the air.

On stage, there was a huge light-up sign with their name. The sign changed colors depending on the mood of the song.

Jacob and Fanny sang songs from their EP which varied from being upbeat dance music to a slower more intimate sound.

One of Jacob’s favorite songs to write and perform is called, ‘Hold on to me’’. Even though Jacob is from Miami and Fanny is from Montreal, they both said regardless of their hometown when they are together they are home.

“It’s just a simple song but deep for me because it is about vulnerability,” he said. “I think vulnerability is what is really hard in a relationship. It’s not loving somebody, it’s letting someone love you completely and being totally naked emotionally,” Jacob said.

Even though their songs are filled with love and their experiences in their relationship, they do go through the motions just like any other couple.

“For sure we butt heads. Before the show, Fanny’s yelling at me, but at the beginning of the show she’s like, Jacob I love you, let’s get up there and have fun,” Jacob said.

“We fight, whether it’s about writing songs because sometimes we disagree,” he said.

When they sang their hit song ’Miss You’, the connection of their lyrics and love for each other was spot on. Their eyes connected and smiles were painted on their faces as they sung the words, “I miss you”.’Miss you’ was created after the two tried to go two days without talking to each other because of how quick the relationship was moving. However, the separation didn’t last long for the two.

“We were both so depressed and we just wanted to be together,” Fanny said.

She said the song was written in only one night, which can be rare for them.

Jacob said the two got help with some of the verses from LA-based producer, John Cunningham.

“We wrote in the apartment and after that, we went to the rooftop of his apartment, watched the sunset, and finished the song,” Jacob said.

Jacob and Fanny
Jacob and Fanny at The Hotel Cafe
Photo Credit:Andy Pham
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Jacob and Fanny
Jacob and Fanny at The Hotel Cafe

Jacob and Fanny said there will be a video for,’ Hold on to me’ coming soon and a French album.

Jacob and Fanny ‘I Miss You’ Music Video

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