Jacob and Fanny ‘I Miss You’ Music Video

Jacob and Fanny shares their own imperfect love story with a fresh brand of electro – acoustic pop.


Jacob and Fanny’s music describes the ups and downs every romantic relationship goes through.

Have you ever sung a song with your partner and you related to the lyrics so much you started to sing from the bottom of your heart and thought you’d both make a great duo? Well, meet Jacob and Fanny. Jacob and Fanny are an electro-acoustic pop duo whose music describes their romantic relationship.

Jacob and Fanny
Jacob and Fanny at The Hotel Cafe Photographer: Andy Pham Instagram: @andypham7

For example, have you ever missed someone you really liked, but your pride got in the way of telling them? No need to feel embarrassed because we’ve all been there at one point!

But, their hit song, ‘Miss You’ describes those same feelings! John Cunningham, LA-based songwriter, and producer, helped produce the song. In the beginning, the song starts off with Jacob singing about hating the fact that he misses Fanny as much as he does. He even describes trying to go to the club to take a few drinks to wash away his feelings. In Fanny’s verse, she sings about going out with the girls to try to get Jacob off her mind with a fun night out. But the plot twist is, they both meet at the club and they lock eyes!

When the two voices merge, the harmonization of the voices mix to become warm and blended. Once Jacob and Fanny realize they both are missing each other as much as they do, they come to the conclusion that they shouldn’t let each other out of their lives anymore. A true love story wouldn’t you say?

The music video started off with Jacob and Fanny sleeping at their own home instead of next to each other. Throughout the entire music video, the screen was split in half to show the raw emotion of how a day felt without each other.

To witness their connection and the love in the air, check out this live show teaser.

Jacob and Fanny will be performing at the Hotel Cafe on the 2nd stage in Los Angeles tonight! Meet us there!

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Jacob and Fanny spread love at the Hotel Cafe