Joey Purp Drops New Track

A forceful flow over a raucous beat, Joey Purp delivers an assertive perfomance on “Elastic.” The musical layers constantly stretched during this track echoes its name. The song splits between low punching verses, and higher energy choruses featuring static-like effects on Purp’s vocals. “Elastic” is the third release in a string of singles, preceded by “Bag Talk” and “March 12th .”

Joey Purp is a rapper from Chicago, IL. As a founding member of SAVEMONEY, Purp has spent most of his careers working with artists like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. In 2017, Purp dropped iiiDrops and it was met with critical acclaim. His new album QUARTERTHING is set to release on Sept. 7. GZA, RZA and Ravyn Lenae are listed as features on the album, as well as guest production done by Knox Fortune and Smoko Ono.

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