Juneteenth Is Now A National Holiday

Day by Day history is being written, and today is a big win for the Black community. A few days ago, Ms. Opal started a petition to make Juneteenth a national holiday in America. For many that may not now Juneteenth or Liberation day, was the day that slavery was ended throughout the United States.

But on this day, Ms. Opal’s dream comes true. With the help of Sean “Diddy” Combs and the black community, the petition has received over one million signatures, and with that, Juneteenth is a nationally recognized holiday. Now, Juneteenth was always a holiday, but it wasn’t respected nor celebrated for obvious reasons and also because Juneteenth isn’t a day talked about much in school. But many companies have now changed their viewpoint on it and will be treating Juneteenth like every other national holiday, which means extra money in your pockets. History is made every day, and one day our victories will be in textbooks and talked about to educate future generations. 

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