Kanye on the Couch: The Kanye Rogan Experience

I’m salivating over here. After both, Joe Rogan and Kanye West took to social media to hype a forthcoming podcast, the internet is now ablaze with anticipation. If the podcast actually happens it will be a meeting of two worlds and minds in contrast with one another. Rogan, UFC fight commentator and stand up comic, is known for his highly opinionated views weekly aired on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. What began as an experiment in a tiny recording studio has now turned into a monolith that has garnered millions of podcast subscribers. Who are these subscribers? Well, Rogan has stated that he is “the bridge between the meatheads and the potheads” and this is an accurate description. On any given show one can be treated to conversations about gun control, veganism, and hunting, or an entire episode can be dedicated to recapping a recent UFC event. Rogan covers everything, and he usually does so from a politically neutral position, afraid to label himself as part of any particular party or ideology. Kanye, on the other hand, is a global superstar who has dominated our airwaves, pop culture, and the fashion world for the last fifteen years. Only recently has Kanye aligned himself with President Donald Trump, but he has certainly chosen his political camp.

So, it’s refreshing to hear that one of the most influential artists, and arguably the most influential podcaster, are poised to discuss mental health issues on JRE. Mental health has often been discussed on the podcast with medical professionals, but there’s a juiciness in the prospect of hearing Kanye discuss his mental health as it relates to his support for Donald Trump, his involvement in Kardashian World, and which direction the artist plans to move his brand in.

I hope this podcast drops soon. And, I hope that more celebrities agree to podcast on JRE, as this medium provides artists, entertainers, politicians, scientists, and regular folks, the opportunity to tell their stories. Too often does the media contort the narratives of a life story or personal experience that they have no business revealing to the public. The days of the archaic evening news and mainstream media preying on individuals for a sound bite seem to be coming to an end. It’s far more democratic and liberating to be able to choose how we access our news (whether or not you use several sources and triangulation is your business.) I want to hear about Kanye’s mental health challenges from Kanye, and no one else.

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