kB3ACH brings back Motorola with his latest track “Chirp”.

The walkie-talkie made mobile communication over a specific range possible. But when cellphones came along everyone thought that walkie-talkies would be all but a thing of the past. That’s until Motorola came out with its Motorola Walkie-Talkie series of phones. Not only were walkie-talkies back, but they had the whole hood “chirping”. kB3ACH is a rapper from Long Beach, California that is proving that his Motorola chirp still booms with his latest single “Chirp”.

Spilled some lean up on my shoes, muddy walk, (muddy walk)
Topic of discussion, hear you niggas talk (talk, talk)
But you niggas don’t wanna fade ya’ll some marks (ya’ll some marks)

The track is produced by Bring Cash which has a layed back feel that includes that famous ‘chirp’ sound effect. kB3ach proves his chirp still works as he this is a common theme throughout the song. His verse is just as layed back as the beat and he raps about how he is the topic of discussion. But kB3ach is not the only featured artist on the track Bengie_BANDz who brings a different energy to the track and spits some nice bars in the process.

Your bitch in my bubble breathen up my oxygen.
I ran out of options, I’m beatin’ pots again.
Ima walking store and this my number you should lock me in (chirp).

Check out “Chirp” below:

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