Kendall Jenner – Entrepreneurial Genius or Buzzkill?

At first I wasn’t sure if I should feel disappointed or inspired by Kendall Jenner’s recent Instagram promotion for Proactiv, one that has left many of her followers underwhelmed. Jenner recently took to Instagram and posted a promotional video of her past struggles with acne and her newfound love for the skin care treatment. However, before the IG video went live, Kris Jenner, Kendall’s mother, took to social media and praised her daughter for being “brave and vulnerable” in agreeing to share her story with all of her hundreds of millions of social media followers. Kendall’s followers were primed for some salacious dark secret of Kardashian world to come to light for our viewing pleasure.

Was the video immoral? Certainly not. Was the hype for and the video itself a letdown? Absolutely. But, the video was only a letdown because we expected (perhaps wanted), a tragic story to be recounted for us. I believe that Kendall excellently tapped into her entrepreneurial skills by corralling her followers into a savvy promotional effort for her bosses at Proactiv. What more can the company ask for? One of the hottest global superstars efficiently used her network, thought outside the box and even brought her mother in on the Proactiv action. And, she hit the ball out of the park!

Once the sting of the letdown passes, this tactic might be employed by other social media stars looking to promote products on a grand scale. Kendall’s tactic of combining social media promotion and psychology are great business methods considering the built in audience she influences. What I don’t understand is the anger directed at the Jenners as they continue amassing more power and profit. Do her followers truly believe that Kendall and Kris have their best interests at heart? Are Kendall’s followers so incredulous that they believe they matter to her as anything other than statistics and dollar signs?

The public might say they were duped, but I don’t think they should take it so personally. It’s only business.

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