Lauv- Modern Loneliness

“Modern Loneliness” is the last track of Lauv’s debut studio album released earlier in 2020 titled “How I’m Feeling.” On February 20th  Lauv released the “official visualizer,” for this self-reflective song that embodies the feeling of loneliness and needing love despite having friends and family around.

“You get what you give and you give what you get.”

The song itself is very introspective, the lyrics are appreciative and reminiscent of his father who is someone who helped Lauv become the man he is and adds a feeling of bittersweetness and nostalgia.

However from the instrumental aspect, the song has some heartstring pulling piano instrumentals playing in the beginning and has an upbeat pop sound added until the end of the song.

In the music video, Lauv is wearing an outfit that most young people, or anyone who prioritizes comfort, dress in: a hoodie and sweatpants. This wardrobe detail highlights the need of comfort, making it relatable for anyone listening or watching who feel like they could use extra reassurance.

The video starts off with an open field that is very green and grassy with yellow flowers spread throughout the field. These specific colors really compliment Lauv’s yellowish and greenish eyes, especially during the very close and tight shots of his face. 

Lauv is the only one on the field, which reciprocates his feelings of emptiness as he ponders,“trying to find a reason to get up.” 

That’s why during the entirety of the video Lauv is laying on the grass facing up as the camera pans around his body on the field. Lauv’s only movements include his hands reaching up and moving with the emotionally driven beat. 

As the camera slowly zooms onto Lauv, at times it is rotating in circles, in a way representing how he feels like he is mentally spiraling.

“Modern loneliness, we’re never alone, but always depressed, yeah love my friends to death but I never call and I never text ’em” 

As the music sounds more upbeat towards the end, the camera zooms out further above his body and reveals more people also laying on the floor. Highlighting his lyric that he’s not alone but still feels lonely. All the people are spread apart but also laying pretty close in an unperfect circle around Lauv who is in the middle.
The music video ends by zooming out even further and revealing more of the field packed with yellow flowers. This is Lauv’s third most popular song on Spotify, so don’t forget to check out this pop hit and more similar releases like “Who.”

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