Marieme Goes “Rogue” On Rebellious Track

Senegalese pop singer Marieme sings of the times with the single “Rogue.” The stirring powerful anthem sends a message of alignment – know what your values are, know what you stand for, and don’t be misled and limited to what you find on the internet in this digital era. Basically, what will your legacy be?

The track embodies finding your own personal truth or going rogue. Rogue, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “to begin to behave in an independent or uncontrolled way that is not authorized, normal, or expected.” While the word rogue can be used negatively, Marieme uses the term as a positive enforcer to describe coming into your own.

The song has gained popularity and been featured on the AppleTV+ original series “Truth Be Told.” The single can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

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